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National Winners

Ms. Senior Alabama 2021
Tammy Little Haynes
wins MS. SENIOR WORLD 60s 2022!
        Tammy is Former Miss Alabama
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tammy wins world.jpg
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Tammy crowned world.jpg
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Tammy Ms America.jpg

Click on this photo for the video of Tammy Little performing in the Talent Preliminaries in Miss America 1985.
(48 on the counter)

Ms. Senior Alabama

Sara Jo Burks wins

Ms. Senior USA 2018

That's two in row for Alabama to win

Ms. Senior USA, & 3rd winner

Alabama has had in this national pageant.

Winner of the 2023 Legacy Award

at the Global Beauty Awards.


Taking her first walk as Ms. Senior USA

Crowned June 16, 2018, in Las Vegas

Sara Jo looking youthful and fit in her sequined Alabama jersey "State Costume."

Rehearsing her talent.  She wore a gorgeous black beaded gown during the competition!

Philosophy of Life competition. She was elegant and flawless.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 6.53.33 PM.png



The 2018 Ms. Senior USA Pageant winner is the first Senior Pageant winner ever to be featured on the cover of a major magazine. Pageantry Magazine is the industry standard and maintains a circulation of more than

10 million readers.

Congratulations to Sara Jo Burks

Ms. Senior Alabama 2017 for this great honor!

Donna USA.jpg
donna mc usa.jpg
sally beth sara jo donna.jpg

2009 Ms. Senior Alabama

Sally Beth Vick

Top Ten Ms. Senior America

2017 Ms. Senior Louisiana

in Ms. Senior USA

2017-2018 Ms. Super Senior USA

2019 Ms. Super Senior Universe

Winner of 2020 Pageantry Legend Award.

Enjoy Sally Beth's amazing voice during the talent portion of Ms. Senior America, click this link.


Ms. Senior Alabama 1988
Ms. Senior America
Gilda Wear Campbell
She paved the way for future women, as in Tammy Little Haynes, Sally Beth Vick, Sara Jo Burks, and Donna McGuffie in photos above.

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