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Ms. Super Senior Alabama 2022
Carol Hara!


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Left to right:
1st Runner Up, Ms. Super Senior St. Clair County, Elizabeth Fell
Ms. Super Senior Alabama 2022, Carol Hara
2nd Runner Up, Ms. Super Senior Birmingham, Rosia Underwood

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Ms Super Senior Alabama 2022 Carol Hara Fashion.jpg
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Carol Hara owned 4 retail stores and which were voted 1 of 5 top stores in the US by Sanrio, Inc.  She participated in more than 40 events in one year, and won the 4H International Alabama Volunteer of the Year Award. Her theatrical storytelling mesmerizes audiences of all ages. 


Carol Hara’s Message to Senior Women: Through our trials and tribulations, we senior women have a lot to offer with our experiences that we can share with other senior women. We can help ourselves to be the best that we can be by watching our health, exercising our minds and bodies, and getting involved with our communities.


Carol Hara’s Recipe for Success: At a young age I saw my parents work ethic and have applied 

this to my life. I'm very passionate in everything I do; being diligent and thorough in any undertakings. For me, success is not measured in material wealth.


Carol Hara’s Philosophy of LIfe: My American born parents, Henry and June, of Japanese descent were relocated from California to Arkansas and incarcerated in a prison camp, where I was born and spent my first three years. Therefore, my philosophy is that no matter where one comes from, no matter what circumstances and adversities we face, when we strive for positivity in our life we can overcome any obstacles.


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