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Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, in existence since 1987, dedicated to enrich the lives of senior women, while offering opportunities for them to share their experiences, wisdom, and interests with others. MSA, Inc. promotes confidence and strives to build self-esteem through encouragement of peers. The women form friendships and network all over the state of Alabama. Our goal is to inspire women to pursue interests and dreams through our message that it is never too late, and you always have a purpose. Ms. Senior  Alabama, Inc., encourages community outreach, volunteerism, and that it is never too late to follow your dreams, try something new, and that every person has a purpose at all ages. We are women supporting women across the State of Alabama! Our titleholders and delegates form a sisterhood and serve in communities together. You may find them singing at a retirement center, supporting veterans at a horse ranch, serving ice cream to children, uplifting the crowds in a parade or at an event, or speaking about the amazing philosophies of life and platforms they are passionate about. Each delegate has a message for senior women and a recipe for success to share.


The organization is managed by a Board of Directors who volunteer their time to ensure that Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc. participants have the necessary resources to carry out the MSA purpose of community outreach and to compete in the Ms. Senior Alabama State Pageant. The mission of Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc. is to provide advocacy for senior women via a statewide organization. Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc. functions exclusively for charitable, educational, and entertainment purposes to provide opportunities for women ages 60 and above and to inform them on matters of interest and for their well-being. Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc. is an organization designed to honor and celebrate senior women (60 and older) in Alabama. MSA strives to find women who best exemplify the dignity, maturity, and inner beauty to inspire all seniors throughout the State of Alabama. 

Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc. has the 60-69 category for the title of Ms. Senior Alabama and the 70 and above catgegory for the title of Ms. Super Senior Alabama. All delegates must be the age of their specific category on or before the date of the pageant of each year. Categories of competition for all delegates are: Interview with Judges, Philosophy of Life, Elegance and Inner Beauty, Onstage Question, Active Lifestyle, and Fashion Runway. Delegates also participate in the Queen's Dinner Gala, Opening and Closing Numbers, Workshops (live and virtual), and Rehearsals, which are not scored as part of the competition, but are required of all delegates. MSA, Inc. does not have talent or swimsuit competitions. 


Almost all of the Ms. Senior Alabama winners were in the top ten and some in the top five in Ms. Senior America. We had one Ms. Senior Alabama Gilda Wear Campbell, to win Ms. Senior America in 1988. We won three titles in Ms. Senior USA/Universe Pageants the first year we participated: Ms. Senior USA 2017, Ms. Super Senior USA 2017, Ms. Senior Universe 2017, and Ms. Super Senior Universe 2019. Ms. Senior Alabama delegates of the 60-69 age category have won or placed each year they have sent delegates to compete in Ms. Senior World since 2020.


Donna McGuffie, Ms. Senior Alabama 2013, won Ms. Senior USA in Las Vegas in May 2017 and won the title of Ms. Senior USA 2017. She then won the title of Ms. Senior Universe 2017.


Sally Beth Vick, won the title of Ms. Super Senior USA 2017 at the Ms. Senior USA Pageant in Las Vegas and  then Ms. Super Senior Universe 2019.


Sara Jo Burks won Ms. Senior Alabama 2017 and then went on to win the title of Ms. Senior Ms. Senior USA 2018. 

Ms. Senior Alabama 2021 Tammy Little Haynes was Miss Alabama 1984 and won Ms. Senior World 60s 2022.

The pageant is an exciting experience where women bond and make lifelong friends, have opportunities to share their hearts, and get to shine and celebrate their unique qualities. The delegates and titleholders represent their communities, the State of Alabama, and pave the way for other women for years to come.



Ms. Senior Alabama Board of Directors

Kim Crawford Meeks e (2).JPG

Kim Crawford-Meeks

Chair of the Board of Directors & Executive Director & Producer

Top 50 Over 50 - Positive Maturity 2024


Marilyn Sills

Vice Chair/Producer/Director

Senior Member of the Board, 

Serving since 2008


Dana Lynn Self

Community Outreach Ambassador North Alabama

Ms. Senior Alabama 2021


Diane Johnson

Director of Decorating & Hospitality

image_123650291 (2).JPG

Sally Quinn

Dressing Room Director

Gloria W hr.jpg

Gloria Williams

Community Outreach Ambassador 

South Alabama

Most Photogenic MSA 2022

Ms. Congeniality MSA 2021


Kathy Paiml

Board Member

Ms. Senior Alabama 2023

Queen Coach & Board Assistant
Volunteers for Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc.

Pauline Vaughn Murphy Choice.jpg

Pauline Vaughn Murphy

Queen Coach to Super Seniors

Ms. Super Senior Alabama 2023

headshot 6.jpeg

Dr. Penny Njoroge

Interfaith Chaplain to

Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc. & 

Queen Coach of Philosophy of Life

1st Runner Up to Ms. Senior Alabama 2020/People's Choice 2020/Ms. Congeniality 2020

Susan Downs photo.jpg

Susan Downs

Queen Coach of Interview &

Onstage Question

Ms. Senior Alabama 2022

headshot 4.jpeg

Carol Hara

Queen Coach of Community Events & Active Lifestyle

Ms. Super Senior Alabama 2022

Sally Beth headshot.jpg

Sally Beth Vick

Honorary Board Member

Queen Coach of Elegance, Poise, and Wardrobe

Ms. Senior Alabama 2009

Top Ten Ms. Senior America

Ms. Senior Louisiana 2017

in Ms. Senior USA

Ms. Super Senior USA 2017-2018

Ms. Super Senior Universe 2019

Winner of 2020 Pageantry Legend Award.

Best Talent 2022 Global Beauty Awards

tammy in black_edited.jpg

Tammy Little Haynes

Queen Coach of Stage Presence & Positioning 

Ms. Senior Alabama 2021

Ms. Senior World 60s 2022

Miss Alabama 1984

Jean Head

Queen Coach of Hospitality &

Super Senior Wardrobe

Ms. Super Senior Alabama 2021

Marilyn Jent Choice.jpg

 Marilyn Jent

Queen Coach of Onstage Question

Ms. Senior Walker County 2023


Jan Smith

Board Assistant & Pageant Volunteer


Ms. Senior Alabama 1987-2024

Ms. Super Senior Alabama 2020-2024

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