What is Ms. Senior Alabama all about?


Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc. is an organization designed to honor and celebrate senior women (60 and older) in Alabama. It is a search for the woman who best exemplifies the dignity, maturity, talent, and inner beauty of all seniors throughout the State of Alabama. 


The Ms. Senior Alabama Philosophy is based upon the belief that seniors are the foundation of America and our most valuable treasure. It is upon their knowledge, experience, and resources that the younger generation has the opportunity to build a better society. It was developed to enrich the lives of these women while allowing them to share their experiences, wisdom, talents, and interests with others.


Ms. Senior  Alabama, Inc., has been in existence since 1987. We are a Board of Directors who volunteer our time to ensure that Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc., has the necessary resources to carry out its purpose of finding the best senior woman to represent Alabama. Ms. Senior Alabama will be a delegate at the Ms. Senior World Pageant for the National Pageant in Biloxi, Mississippi, in November.

Almost all of the Ms. Senior Alabama winners were in the top ten and some in the top five in Ms. Senior America. We had one Ms. Senior Alabama Gilda Wear Campbell, to win Ms. Senior America in 1988, and she is now deceased. We won three titles in Ms. Senior USA/Universe Pageants Group the first year we participated: Ms. Senior USA 2017, Ms. Super Senior USA 2017, Ms. Senior Universe 2017, and Ms. Super Senior Universe 2019.


Donna McGuffie, Ms. Senior Alabama 2013, went to Ms. Senior USA in Las Vegas in May 2017 and won the title of Ms. Sr. USA 2017. In the fall, she competed and won the title of Ms. Senior Universe 2017.


Sally Beth Vick, won the title of Ms. Super Senior USA 2017 at the Ms. Senior USA Pageant in Las Vegas and Ms. Super Senior Universe 2019.


Sara Jo Burks won Ms. Senior Alabama 2017, and then went on to win the title of Ms. Senior Alabama USA 2017, but she didn’t compete until the summer of 2018 and won the title of Ms. Sr. USA 2018. In 2017, we had two Ms. Senior Alabamas.

Ms. Senior Alabama 2021 Tammy Little Haynes, was Miss Alabama 1984 and won Ms. Senior World 60s 2022.

The pageant is an exciting experience where women bond and make lifelong friends, have opportunities to share their hearts, and get to shine and celebrate their unique qualities. The contestants and winners represent their communities, the State of Alabama, and pave the way for other women for years to come.