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Ms. Senior Daphne-2nd Runner Up & Most Photogenic Senior Lori Cox; Ms. Senior Cullman-1st Runner Up & Community Support Promoter through Most Ads Sold Angie Carter; Ms. Senior Alabama 2023 Kathy Paiml; Ms. Senior Shelby County-3rd Runner Up & Ms. Congeniality Seniors Debra White; & Ms. Senior Talladega-4th Runner Up
Shirley Hamilton. 

Sharon T winning.jpg

Ms. Senior Hazel Green-People’s Choice Senior, Community Support Promoter through Most Tickets Sold & Most Beautiful Dressing Room Butterfly Sharon Terrell.

Ms. Super Senior Alabaster Brenda Wilson-2nd Runner Up & Ms. Congeniality; Ms. Super Senior Crossville Vicki Hatcher-3rd Runner Up; Ms. Super Senior Huntsville Kathy Chan-1st Runner Up, People’s Choice Super Senior, Community Support Promoter through Most Tickets & Ads Sold; Ms. Super Senior Alabama 2023 & Most Photogenic Super Senior Pauline Vaughn Murphy; Ms. Super Senior Walker Co. Marilyn Jent; Ms. Super Senior Dr. Elizabeth Fell; & Ms. Super Senior Birmingham & Most Beautiful Dressing Room Butterfly
Rosia Underwood. 


Ms. Senior Alabama Inc. 2023
Participated & Provided Outreach to 
Over 170 Organizations and Events in 2023!
Click here to watch our outreach video!

To view many of the photos from our community outreach events on the Ms. Senior Alabama You Tube page, click the photo of Pauline & Kathy below:


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Opening number with Susan.jpg

With Ms. Senior Alabama 2022 Susan Downs

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For photos & information on Ms. Senior Alabama 2023 Kathy Paiml & Ms. Super Senior Alabama 2023, please visit their individual pages on this site. 

Angie ph.JPG
Angie e.jpg

1st Runner Up & Community Support Promoter through Most Ads Sold 

Angie e b.jpg
Angie f.jpg

Message to senior women: 

A woman should and can be two things:

Who she wants to be and

What she wants to be.

No matter what her age!


Philosophy of Life:

This will also be recorded. Spoken limit is 30 - 45 seconds. If winning a title, this will most likely be your purpose as Ms. Senior Alabama or Ms. Super Senior Alabama. Your philosophy of life explains what you are passionate about.


As I have gotten older, I have discovered that I have two hands. 

One is for helping myself, the other for helping others. Helping others is why I became a senior advocate. Seniors need at least one hot meal every day, and a safe living environment. 

So let's join hands and see how many seniors we can help. 

Lori ph.JPG
Lori e black back.jpg

2nd Runner Up & Most Photogenic

Lori f.jpg
Lori active.jpg

Message to senior women: 


Remember that everyday is a gift and age is just a number. 

If you see a queen that is sad, straighten her crown and remind her who she is. Don’t pay attention to the old lady in the mirror….I don’t know who she is?Wrinkles will only go where the smiles have been- Jimmy Buffett


Philosophy of Life:

My philosophy of life is to be kind. The person sitting next to you could be trying their best not to fall apart, even though they have a smile on their face.

Make them feel seen, heard, appreciated, supported and loved. Be kind with an open mind and gentle energy. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Give them the freedom to be themselves. Whatever you do, just do it with kindness. Be strong, be you, and be kind.

Debra ph.JPG
Debra e.jpg

3rd Runner Up &
Ms. Congeniality

Debra active.jpg
Debra f.jpg

Message to senior women: 

Never stop serving!  Being a servant means we are always considering what is best for others before we think of ourselves.

Philosophy of Life:

I want my character to be stronger than my circumstances. We all experience circumstances that evoke emotions. This is always changing.  I just don’t want my emotions to be what people see.  I don’t want people to remember my circumstances, I want them to remember my character.

Shirley ph.JPG
Shirley e.jpg
Shirley active.jpg
Shirley fashion.jpg

4th Runner Up

Message to senior women: 

BE yourself. Life is short. Make the best of it. We have a lot to offer each other. Volunteer when you can. Helping other people is so rewarding. 


Philosophy of Life:

Live in such a way, that those who don’t know God will come to know God, because they know you.

Sharon ph.JPG
Sharon e.jpg

People's Choice MSA, Community Support Promoter Most Tickets, & Most Beautiful Dressing Room Butterfly

Sharon T active.jpg
Sharon fashion.jpg

Message to senior women: 

Never give up on your dreams. If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it. With faith and dreams anything is possible.


Philosophy of Life:

Whether it is the best of times, or the worst of times, it’s the only time you have, so make the most of it and reinvent yourself. Start a new career at 40, fall in love at 50, learn a new dance at 60 or start a whole new lifestyle at 70. Stop saying you can’t – you can and you should! Remember – dreams don’t have an expiration.

Crystal ph.jpg
Crystal e.jpg
Crystal active.jpg
Crystal fashion.jpg

Message to senior women: 

Buckle up Senior Women and Keep Soaring!! 

The difficulties of life and the struggles of daily living have helped shape and define your character. You have developed levels of tenacity, strength and fortitude that are needed to help the present generation survive.  Your wisdom will Speak Life and it is undeniable and unmatched.



Philosophy of Life:

Speak Life and not your EMOTIONS.  On this journey of Life our circumstances and situations may led us on a path to negative emotions. Before long, your speech starts to match those negative emotions. However, this could change by standing and speaking the word of GOD. Remember “THE POWER of LIFE and DEATH is in Our Tongue.

Temple ph.JPG
Temple f.jpg
Temple e.jpg
Temple a.jpg

Message to senior women: 

Stay active, moving and involved in something you are interested in. Keep going and doing even if you have to find new or different ways to do a task. Keep the main thing the main thing. Focus on what is in-front of you. There are so many distractions. Decide each day a plan and I hope you can focus on the main things each day for you to do. When you do you can accomplish much.

Philosophy of Life:

Entering the Ms. Senior Alabama pageant has been fun at my age to make new friends with interests similar to mine and learn about their passions and ministries which are all wonderful causes to donate your time and talents to. It is a new chapter in my life after the kids are grown and gone.

Mildred ph.JPG
Mildred e.jpg
Mildred f.jpg
Mildred W active.jpg

Message to senior women: 

We are each beautiful and unique individuals. God has graced us to reach momentous milestones. Cherish each day. Do all the things that you desire, in your heart, while you can. Tap into who Our Creator created you to be and Live! Do it Big, with no regrets.

Philosophy of Life:

I do not believe we can be and do anything we want to. However, I believe we can become and do everything Our Creator created and purposed us to as unique individuals.

My purpose is to encourage and inspire people to tap into who you have been created to be. Live your life unashamedly with no regrets! Love unconditionally! Laugh more than we cry! We wake up to make our dreams our reality by venturing into new opportunities that we thought were impossible.

Cindy K ph.JPG
Cindy K active.jpg
Cindy K e.jpg
Cindy K f.jpg

Message to senior women: 

My message for senior women is to continue to be active, both physically and mentally. We have raised children, maintained a home, worked both at home and outside of the home in many capacities. We still have energy, passion , and experiences to share in our community. This is a wonderful opportunity to try something different , maybe a hobby or even a new profession.  We may be viewed as retired or in our “golden years" and life continues and is meant to be experienced and enjoyed.

Philosophy of Life:

Life is a journey and the best times are now, with hope and happiness in front of us. Life takes its twist and turns, full of peaks and valleys. A commitment of looking to God will bring you peace and will lead you in the right direction. Every day it is important to choose to be happy and full of trust and acceptance. As women over 60, now is our chance to give back to people and our community, and share our experience and knowledge. We need to live our life with grace, strength and intelligence. We should provide a guiding light and example to everyone around us.

Donna p.jpg

Message to senior women: 

Everyone faces significant obstacles as they move through life.  

We are all connected and need each other’s compassion and support. 

Because of a brain tumor, Donna navigated hearing loss, wonky balance, memory and brain fog issues, headaches and tinnitus.  She says, “Appreciate all you CAN do! Thank God every day. Have faith. Persist. Push yourself. Try something that scares you. You can face it AND you can overcome it!”

Philosophy of Life:

Life is a maze of opportunity. We find wonder in adversity when we embrace challenges and reward when we embrace one-another.


Donna’s determined Italian parents faced uncertainty when they sailed past the Statue of Liberty to a new life and freedoms in America. She learned firsthand that Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and If we can dream it, we can become it. Dare to Dream!

Message to senior women: 

Please ladies, let's continue to inspire the lives of others, “This old world needs us”!  Tell your stories, continue to share what we’ve learned through the years.  People need to see our smiles!  Help me to continue to share our purpose and help each other.  Putting God first above all, Never give up!

Philosophy of Life:

My philosophy of life has always been “Live to Inspire!"

Tawana ph.JPG
Tawana e.jpg
Tawana f.jpg
Tawana L active.jpg

Message to senior women: 

 ·   I believe all experienced women have a critical role to play for building healthy families, strong communities and thriving economies with their time, talent, and wisdom.  

· I believe their pioneering resilient spirit is a beacon of promise and hope for younger generations.

·  I believe their optimistic attitude is a proclamation that says, “No matter what has happened to you, it is what happens through you that offers the greatest good to your loved ones and the world.”

Philosophy of Life:

I have a fire in my soul to help women “overcome” whatever is holding them back. That fire was sparked by lessons I learned after overcoming more than 30 years of hardship and trial.

Although I would never wish my experiences on anyone, I am thankful for the journey because it helped shape my powerful philosophy of life which says;

“If you quit when times are hard, or give up too soon, you will miss the miracle of seeing how God works it all together for good! Because he absolutely will!”

Kathy C ph.jpg
Kathy C e.jpg
Kathy C f.jpg
Kathy c a.jpg

1st Runner Up MSSA 2023, People's Choice MSSA, Community Support Promoter Most Tickets & Ads

Message to senior women: 

I would say that we are the strongest of the breed. We have earned our joys and survived the many storms of life. We should pursue a strong social connection, we must stay active in the community, make new friends, find a goal and follow our dreams. Life will be meaningful and fun.

Philosophy of Life:

When we were children, all that our parents wished for us was to grow up HAPPY, HEALTHY AND SUCCESSFUL. Happiness will come to us if we are content with what we have earned. If we give love  and happiness to others, love and happiness will return to us.

When we lead an active and healthy lifestyle, we will enjoy a healthy long life. Never blame faults of others rather praise their merits.

Education is the key to success. Success comes only from hard work, collaborative effort, respect and consistently assisting others.

Brenda active c.jpg

2nd Runner Up MSSA 2023, Ms. Congeniality

Message to senior women: 

LIVE life in FAITH and not in FEAR, love freely without expectations and without reservations, but with consistent discretion. Dare to be adventurous. Be unapologetically excited to live life because you have lived long enough, and you have lived wise enough to now enjoy living with reckless abandon. Hold on to your sense of humor, laugh at yourself, laugh every day. Be a conveyer of JOY. Properly prioritize your relationships.

Philosophy of Life:

RELATIONSHIPS, LOVE, JOY, and FORGIVENESS are the most important facets of my life. Prioritizing my relationships is vital to living a successful fulfilled life. Having a righteous relationship with my Creator is supremely important. An intimate, honest relationship with myself is imperative. Speaking life-giving words is my mission. Giving LOVING WORDS and ACTIONS inspire and encourage me, so I do unto others as I would have them do unto me. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and UNLIMITED FORGIVENESS should exist without fear, shame, guilt, or regret.

Vicki ph.JPG
Vicki e.jpg
Vicki active.jpg
Vicki f.jpg

3rd Runner Up MSSA 2023

Message to senior women: 

Enjoy this time of your life that God has given you. Even on those days when Mr. Arthritis tries to show his ugly head. Get up, keep stretching and challenging yourself. Be courageous! Step out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Philosophy of Life:

As I have gotten older I realize what really matters in life. It is not the spotless house or what kind of car you drive, it is to enjoy the simple things in life. The little things you do with your children as they grow up. Take the time to read their favorite book. One day, when they are grown there will be plenty of time to get the dishes washed and laundry done. Life is hard, but even on those days when you are tired and busy think about the priorities. Take that few minutes to get in the floor to play blocks or go outside to swing. As you grow older you will always have those memories deep in your heart and you will remember them and smile.

Rosia ph.JPG
rosia a.jpg
Rosia e.jpg
Rosia f.jpg

Message to senior women: 

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80.  Anyone who keeps learning stays young.  The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” - Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company

Philosophy of Life:

Hope is better than dreaming, do what you think is best for you and that will assist others to do what they need to do.  If today is great, make it better tomorrow. Do things positive, keep doing what you are doing and let your mind rule you. Life is full of hope, God gives us brains,  body and everything to go with it. Let your mind guide you and challenge yourself. If you are intelligent let your mind rule you and move ahead. 

Elizabeth ph.JPG
Elizabeth e.jpg
Elizabeth active.jpg
Elizabeth a.jpg

Message to senior women: 

I believe the statement “Age is just a number.” Proverbs tells us Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting. Our attitudes, our energy, our obvious joy, and love of life will be visible. Being active is  most important in keeping your mind and body young.  Get involved in life. Discover and challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone.

Philosophy of Life:

What is life?  I believe Attitude affects every area of your life; your emotional, social, spiritual, and definitely physical.  Even little fellows have an attitude and an old gal like me. In life, I believe there are deep valleys and high mountain tops. Your attitude may determine how long you have to stay in the deep valley, or how long you are allowed to stay on the mountain top. I believe with your faith, family, and friends, and the right attitude you will make it. And that’s life.

Marilyn J ph.JPG
Marilyn j e.jpg
Marilyn J f.jpg
Marilyn j a.jpg

Message to senior women: 

We are a sisterhood, so let's encourage & lift each other. Let us share our knowledge and wisdom to the next generation while respecting them. We can also recognize their valuable knowledge & learn from each other.

Philosophy of Life:

We are a sisterhood, so let's encourage & lift each other. Let us share our knowledge and wisdom to the next generation while respecting them. We can also recognize their valuable knowledge & learn from each other.


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Emcee 2023:
Tammy LIttle Haynes
Ms. Senior Alabama

Entertainers 2023


Tammy LIttle Haynes & Evan Riley


Sally Beth Vick
Ms. Senior Alabama 2009


Cindy Dixon
Ms. Senior Alabama 2020


Debbie Watts
Ms. Senior World 70s, 2023

Sara Jo singing 23.jpg

Sara Jo Burks
Ms. Senior Alabama 2017

painted butterflies.jpg

Ms. Senior Alabama Titleholders Presented at MSA 2023

butterfly paint.jpg

People's Choice
Donation 2023
Click the logo below to visit the Kid's Play website:

kids play logo.jpg
Award to Kids Play.jpg

Honorary Lifetime
Board Member Award to
Sally Beth Vick

Kim and Sally Beth award.jpg
Marilyn and Sally Beth award.jpg

Honorary Ms. Senior Alabama Award 2023
Rosa Parks
through Executive Director, Donna Beisel of the Rosa Parks Museum of Troy University
Click this link to visit their site

butterfly on zebra.jpg

Dream with a Queen at Chico's
On April 1, 2023, MSA Queens & Board Members inspired women at all 10 Chico's Stores Across the state of Alabama!

To book our board members of queens to speak or participate in your event, please email us at:

chicos msa tuscaloosa.jpg
msa chicos summit.jpg
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CHICOS 30_edited.jpg

Queen's Dinner

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TEMPLE SPEAKS_edited.jpg
QUEENS DIN1_edited.jpg
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KATHY SPEAKS_edited.jpg
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To view community outreach & event photos please visit the Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc. Facebook page.

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