Ms. Senior Alabama
Application to apply for Registration

(Applications are Closed for Ms. Senior Alabama 2022. Applications for Ms. Senior Alabama 2023 will open in  November 2022. Until then, please read all about MSA, Inc., follow us on Facebook, and go to events where Ms. Senior Alabama 2022, Susan Downs, Ms. Super Senior Alabama 2022, Carol Hara & their sister queens will be volunteering and greeting!)

Fill out all PINK forms to register. You must click "submit" or "pay now" on each form. Please use a laptop or desktop computer and not your cell phone.

Read over the BLUE Biographical Information Form so that you will understand the expectations and requirements.
The BLUE form is due by May 1, 2023.

Delegates in Ms. Senior Alabama do not have to win a preliminary in order to enter. If entering Ms. Senior Alabama from a preliminary pageant, it is the responsibility of the delegate to communicate with the director of the preliminary about the rules of said pageant and to determine titles, awarding of titles, and continuation of said titles. The Board of Directors of Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc., reserves the right to refuse any title without explanation. Registration is for application and acceptance into the pageant and is based on criteria from the application and by decision of the officers of the Board of Directors. If a delegate registers and is not accepted for entrance by the Board of Directors, registration fees will be refunded to the applicant in full. All applications have to be approved by the Ms. Senior Alabama Board of Directors. You will receive notice from an officer of the Board regarding approval. Decisions made by the Board are final, with no rebuttal considered. 

Registration & Application Form

Fill out this form when applying. An officer of the Board of Directors will notify you regarding acceptance. Decisions by the Board of Directors are final with no rebuttal considered.

We are so very excited to have you join the Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc., organization! Please take your time filling out the information below. Let us know if you have questions: 205-381-6767 or

If entering a preliminary pageant, you may go ahead and register for Ms. Senior Alabama before competing in the preliminary, and may participate in Ms. Senior Alabama regardless of whether you win the preliminary or not. Some delegates choose to be in a preliminary pageant only, some choose to be in both a preliminary and Ms. Senior Alabama, and some choose to only enter Ms. Senior Alabama.

Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc., is not affiliated with any particular preliminary and does not collect funds or give titles or awards to any pageant other than Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc.

If winning a preliminary, you will enter Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc., with the title of that particular pageant. 


The Ms. Senior Alabama Pageant will be open to all Alabama resident ladies ages 60 and above. All delegates in Ms. Senior Alabama must be 60 by the date of the competition.  You must be a resident of Alabama and a US citizen and provide a copy of your current driver's license. Two crowns and titles will be awarded:  Ms. Senior Alabama and Ms. Super Senior Alabama. Ages 79 and above by the date of the competition, will be entered in the Ms. Super Senior Alabama category. Our Ms. Senior Alabama winner (ages 60-78) advances to the Ms. Senior World pageant in Biloxi, MS and is required to participate, unless an unforeseen emergency occurs. In the situation that the Ms. Senior Alabama title holder cannot participate in Ms. Senior World, the 1st Runner Up of the same year will compete as Ms. Senior Alabama World. Ms. Senior Alabama World will enter Ms. Senior World 60s category or 70s category depending on the age of our Ms. Senior Alabama delegate. As a delegate, or a winner, you must arrange for your own transportation for all events related to Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc.

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Confidential Medical Questionnaire

Please fill out the following form to help us understand your physical condition. This will be helpful in the event of a medical emergency. All information will be kept confidential. If you do not wish to answer any question on this form, please sign that you do not wish to divulge any medical information.

Fill out this form when registering.

Have you been hospitalized in the last 12 months?
Are you currently suffering from any medical condition, illness, or injury? Please inform us if you have high blood pressure, heart issues, diabetes, seizures, allergies, or any medical or health illness or condition. If there is a medication you need in the event of an emergency, please list that medication and dosage.

Thanks for submitting!

Payment Form to Register for Ms. Senior Alabama 2023

Fill out this form when registering.

Registration fee for each delegate for the

Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc. pageant is $350.

(This payment form on the Ms. Senior Alabama website is only for payment to enter the Ms. Senior Alabama pageant. Do not use this form to pay entry fees for a preliminary or any other pageant. Thank you.)

The $350 includes your workshop with lunch a few months before the pageant, rehearsals the day before the pageant, lunch on rehearsal day, and Queen's Dinner the day of rehearsal. The $350 also includes breakfast and lunch the day of the pageant, and your pageant fee. The registration fee does not include the hotel room. There will be a block of rooms held for our delegates and volunteers at the __________AL for $_______ per night plus taxes and fees. Arrival will be Friday, June, 12, 2023, with rehearsal beginning at 9:00 a.m. The Queen's Dinner is also on Friday evening. Friday will be a very full and busy day! On Saturday delegates will have interviews with the judges beginning at 9:00 a.m., with dress rehearsal following, and the pageant at 2:00 p.m. These reservations will be made by each delegate. You are welcome to come early or stay after the pageant, but this is optional. 

Queen's Dinner is only open to Delegates of MSA 2023 & The 2023 Board of Directors, & those on the approved list of attendees. Delegates will not have guests at the dinner, at the pageant rehearsals, at interview, or in the dressing room, during rehearsal or the pageant.

Registration Fee

Select an item ($)

Thanks for registering. See you there!

You may pay half of Registration upon registering, and half by February 28, 2023. Registration fees will not be issued after February 28, 2023.

Thank you for registering! We will be in touch.

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Biographical Information 

This form is due May 1, 2023.

Your answers should include information that you consider important for the judges to know about you. The judges may take their interview questions from your Bio/Resume. Use the space provided and no more is allowed. Do not include everything you have ever done in your life. Only include the information needed for the pageant and judges. We will not include extra pages; therefore, there is no need to send extra information. Keep your answers simple, direct, and to the point. Write your information in a format that is interesting and piques the judge's interest in wanting to know more. 


Career - Answer: Model, Actress, Author

Answering in short form allows the judges to then possibly ask, "Where did you model?" or "When did you begin modeling?" or "When were you an actress?" or "What roles have you portrayed?" or "Are you a published author?" or "What is the name of your book(s)?" You don't want to tell them all of the details in your answer, because you want to leave information for them to ask that intrigues them. 

Please screenshot/copy these answers, in order to review them before the pageant. 

Your Bio/Resume information will be reviewed by the judges and may be used for the script during the pageant. 

You will need to plan for 6 different outfits.

Have all outfits on hangers and ready to wear. It helps to organize each outfit by putting all items together for that outfit. Put jewelry in a bag and hang on the hanger with the appropriate outfit and organize in this manner for traveling and when setting up in the dressing room. When you arrive at the venue, you will check in your hotel room. Leave your outfits for Queen's Dinner, Interview with the Judges, and pajamas in the room. Take your outfits: evening gown, opening number, active lifestyle, and fashion runway to the dressing room and hang together on the rack near your assigned table. Again, please keep all elements of each outfit together. The dressing rooms are full of many items. It is your responsibility as a delegate to organize and manage your outfits, shoes, and accessories. Other delegates are not allowed to help you find lost items or organize your items. Asking other delegates to take care of you takes time away from them. We will have dressing room attendants to help with things like zipping zippers and to keep up with the schedule, but they are not allowed to organize your personal items. Wear something appropriate but comfortable to rehearsal on Friday.

Queen's Dinner: (Friday night before pageant)

This is a meet and greet dinner the night before the pageant. The pageant will sponsor this dinner at no extra cost to delegates. Any guest attending will have to purchase a ticket to the dinner. Each delegate may bring 1 (one) guest. Plan to wear a cocktail dress, jumpsuit, or evening wear pants/top. You may wear a long evening gown, but don't feel this is necessary and add unnecessary expense to your budget. The members of the Board of Directors and a photographer will attend. The judges will not be at the dinner. You will be asked to stand and introduce yourself. Sashes and crowns are required at the dinner.

Interview with Judges: (Saturday morning before pageant)

Wear something you would wear to a job interview or would wear if invited to be a keynote speaker. Suits, whether slacks or skirts, with a jacket are great for this interview. You may also wear a dress. Be sure you are able to comfortably sit down. Look at yourself or have someone make your picture sitting in the outfit. Think about what jewelry and shoes you wear with this outfit. Enhance with jewelry and shoes but do not go overboard. Remember to stay business minded when planning for interview. This is your first impression with the judges! You will not wear crowns and sashes to the interview.

Opening Number

An outfit of silver OR gold is required for opening number. It may be all silver or gold, or you may have a black piece with your silver or gold. You may wear black pants or skirt with a silver or gold top, or a black dress with a silver or gold jacket, etc. No other colors are allowed for opening number, and the main part of the outfit must be silver or gold. This may be a dress, jumpsuit, or pantsuit, but no evening gowns or long dresses. You will not wear your crown or sash. Wear something stylish. Be sure you can walk, move, and dance a simple dance in the outfit you choose. There will be a simple dance routine taught to you through videos and on the workshop day. You will rehearse several times the day before the pageant also. Workshop date TBD.

Active Lifestyle

This outfit should represent your more casual side. It should state what you do to stay active. You may play tennis or golf, travel, exercise, dance, etc., therefore go with something you do and love. You will be allowed to carry one (1) prop. Example: if you play tennis, you may carry a tennis racket. The prop must be something you are able to carry on and off stage without assistance and requires no set up. If you need help deciding on active wear, call Kim Crawford-Meeks at 205-381-6767, and she or one of the board members will assist you. 

Fashion Runway

Show off your modeling ability with this outfit. Think of models walking and showing off their outfits. You may wear a jumpsuit with a train, cocktail dress with a train, dresses or pants outfits with sequins/rhinestones. No evening gowns allowed for this outfit.

Evening Gown with On-Stage Question

This is your chance to be glamorous. Your dress should be long and elegant. Wear shoes you can walk and stand in. Most delegates wear dresses with lots of sparkles or beads. Wear something that picks up the lighting. If you plan to wear high heels, please practice walking around the house in them and up and down stairs. Don't buy new shoes and wear them the first time on the day of the pageant. You will model your evening gown and then approach the microphone for your question. After answering the question, step back for a final pose, then exit the stage. Your evening gown must not require being held up when walking around the stage. You must have it altered to an appropriate length for walking without tripping or holding it. If you bring an evening gown to the pageant that you have to hold, or trips you when walking on the stage, you will be required to pin the dress, or change outfits. The script will not be changed at the pageant.

Media, Film, & Photography Release Form

Facebook Page: Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc.

In the event there are any print or electronic media coverages associated with participation in any Ms. Senior Alabama function, I hereby grant permission for use of any photograph or video or likeness of myself without obtaining subsequent permission or consent or without payment or further consideration.

Thanks for submitting!

To print this form for your records,
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