People's Choice 2022

$1.00 = 1 vote / $5.00 = 5 votes / $100 = 100 votes...Every $1.00 counts as 1 vote. You may cast 1 - 1,000 votes per transaction. You may submit as many transactions as you wish. Voting is open March 21, 2022 - July 23, 2022 @ 2:30 p.m.

People's Choice is a separate award from the Ms. Senior Alabama title & the Ms. Super Senior Alabama title. There will be an award onstage for the People's Choice winner. The votes for People's Choice have no impact on the scores by the judges, nor do the judges have any information about the People's Choice votes.

People's Choice funds help to cover expenses of the Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc., pageant and to assist in sending the winner to Ms. Senior World.

A portion of People's Choice funds will be donated to 

​"No parent should suffer the loss of a baby alone. We are devoted to validating each child's life.​ Our purpose is to lend guidance on the path to healing. Most of us at Rachel's Gift have walked a similar journey, and we don't want you to walk alone. We are here for you." Rachel's Gift provides keepsake boxes to mom's who suffer the loss of a baby, support groups, follow up care, and education to hospital staff in helping grieving parents.


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Carol Hara.jpeg

Carol Hara,
Ms. Super Senior Dothan


Cindy Piteo,
Ms. Senior Fultondale

Debra W.jpg

Debra White,
Ms. Senior Shelby County

Gloria W hr.jpg

Gloria Williams,
Ms. Senior Centerpoint

Kathy Paiml.JPG

Kathy Paiml,
Ms. Senior Helena

Marilyn J.jpg

Marilyn Jent,
Ms. Senior Walker County


Priscilla Andrews,
Ms. Senior Houston County

Susan Downs.JPG

Susan Downs,
Ms. Senior Cahaba Valley

Temple W.jpg

Temple Wells,
Ms. Senior Trussville

Elizabeth Fell.jpg

Elizabeth Fell,
Ms. Super Senior St. Clair Co.

Judy B.jpg

Judy Batson,
Ms. Senior North Alabama


Laura Stephens,
Ms. Senior East Jefferson County

Pauline VM.jpg

Pauline Murphy,
Ms. Senior
Magic City

Rosia U.jpg

Rosia Underwood,
Ms. Senior Birmingham

Shirley Hamilton.jpg

Shirley Hamilton,
Ms. Senior Talledega

Vicki Hatcher .jpg

Vicki Hatcher,
Ms. Senior Crossville