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Ms. Senior Alabama &
Ms. Super Senior Alabma Delegate Contract 2023

2023 Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc., Delegate Contract Information

Backstage & Dressing Rooms

As a delegate of Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc., I understand that I must have all outfits on hangers and ready to wear. It helps to organize each outfit by putting all items together for that outfit. I should place jewelry in a bag and hang on the hanger with the appropriate outfit and organize in this manner for traveling and when setting up in the dressing room. When I arrive at the venue, I will check into my hotel room. I will then leave my outfits for Queen's Dinner, Interview with the Judges, and pajamas in the room. I will take my outfits: evening gown, opening number, active lifestyle, and fashion runway to the dressing room and hang together on the rack near my assigned table. Again, I will keep all elements of each outfit together. The dressing rooms are full of many items. It is my responsibility as a delegate to organize and manage my outfits, shoes, and accessories. Other delegates are not allowed to help me to find lost items or organize my items. Asking other delegates to take care of me takes time away from them. We will have dressing room attendants to help with things like zipping zippers and to keep up with the schedule, but they are not allowed to organize my personal items. My family members are not allowed in the dressing rooms. I will wear something appropriate but comfortable to rehearsal on Friday.​ I must clean my area in the dressing room before leaving (throw away trash, take all personal belongings with you.)

*If I'm not staying Saturday night, I will be required to check out of my hotel room by 11:00 a.m. on Saturday. My personal belongings that I do not need in the dressing room will need to be taken by me or a family member/friend of mine to my vehicle or held at the hotel desk, as arranged by me. I will not bring all of my belongings from the room to the dressing room. 

If I have a hairdresser, they may style my hair in my hotel room before my checkout time, or in a designated area chosen by Lorraine Bole, Backstage Director. We do not have room for hair stylists in the dressing rooms. 

Family & Friends at the Pageant

Family and friends are not allowed in the dressing rooms. If my family member is my designated stylist or make-up artist, they may assist me in my hotel room before time to be in the dressing room for the pageant or assist me in a designated area as chosen by Backstage Director. I will communicate to my family and friends that noisemakers are NOT allowed at the pageant or Queen’s Dinner. If they are used, they will be taken away until after the event. 

Queen's Dinner: (Friday night before pageant)

This is a meet and greet dinner the night before the pageant. The pageant will sponsor this dinner at no extra cost to delegates. I will not be allowed to bring a guest to the Queen’s Dinner this year, due to lack of space at the venue. I will plan to wear a cocktail dress, jumpsuit, or evening wear pants/top. I may wear a long evening gown, but I do not need to feel this is necessary and add unnecessary expense to your budget. The members of the Board of Directors and a photographer will attend. The judges will not be at the dinner. I will be asked to stand and introduce myself. Sashes and crowns are required at the dinner. ​

Interview with Judges: (Saturday morning before pageant)

I will wear something that I would wear to a job interview or would wear if invited to be a keynote speaker. Suits, whether slacks or skirts, with a jacket are great for this interview. I may also wear a dress. I will be sure I am able to comfortably sit down. I will look at myself or have someone make my picture sitting in the outfit to assure it is appropriate. I will think about my jewelry and shoes I wear with this outfit. I will enhance with jewelry and shoes but do not go overboard. I will remember to stay business minded when planning for interview. This is my first impression with the judges! I will not wear crowns and sashes to the interview.

​Opening Number

A sequin outfit is required for opening number, with delegates wearing varying colors. Three (3) delegates will be allowed to wear the same color. Once a color has been chosen by three (3) delegates, the color option is filled, and I must choose from other color options. Color options are (royal blue, hot/bright pink, light pink, lime green, emerald green, orange, yellow, purple, lavender, red (true red - not crimson), and turquoise.) I may wear black pants or skirt with my color of sequin top, or wear a black top or jacket with sequin pant or skit of my color, or a sequin dress or jumpsuit of the chosen color. No other colors are allowed for opening number, and the main part of the outfit must be the chosen color. This may be a dress, jumpsuit, or pantsuit, but no evening gowns or long dresses. Dresses should be mid-calf or shorter, but no mini dresses. Remember that the audience sees you from below. I will not wear my crown or sash. I will wear something stylish. I will be sure that I am able to walk, move, and dance a simple dance in the outfit that I choose. There will be a simple dance routine taught to me through videos and on the workshop day. I will rehearse several times the day before the pageant also. I will have access to a computer for virtual workshops and to practice with the dance videos. 

Active Lifestyle

This outfit should represent my more casual side. It should state what I do to stay active, whether body or mind. I may play tennis or golf, travel, exercise, dance, etc., therefore go with something you do and love. I will be allowed to carry one (1) prop. Example: if I play tennis, I may carry a tennis racket. The prop must be something I am able to carry on and off stage without assistance and requires no set up. If I need help deciding on active wear, call Kim Crawford-Meeks at 205-381-6767, and she or one of the board members will assist you. 

​Fashion Runway

I will show off my modeling ability with this outfit. I will think of models walking and showing off their outfits. I may wear a jumpsuit with a train, cocktail dress with a train, dress, or pants outfits with sequins/rhinestones. I understand that no evening gowns are allowed for this outfit.

​Elegance & Inner Beauty (Evening Wear worn in this portion) with On-Stage Question

This is my chance to be glamorous. My dress should be long and elegant. I will wear shoes I can walk and stand in. Most delegates wear dresses with lots of sparkles or beads. Wear something that picks up the lighting. I will be mindful that I will be wearing my evening gown for the closing number, therefore I need to be able to move my arms freely. If I plan to wear high heels, I will practice walking around the house in them and up and down stairs. I will not buy new shoes and wear them the first time on the day of the pageant. I will model my evening gown and then approach the microphone for my question. After answering the question, I will step back for a final pose, then exit the stage. This is my chance to be glamorous. My dress should be long and elegant. I will wear shoes I am able to walk and stand in. I understand it is recommended that I wear something that picks up the lighting.  My evening gown must not require being held up when walking around the stage. I must have my outfits altered to an appropriate length for walking without tripping or holding them. If I bring an evening gown or outfit to the pageant that I have to hold, or trips me when walking on the stage, I will be required to pin the dress, or change outfits. I understand that the script will not be changed at the pageant or after Blue Forms are due May 1, 2023.

I will supply a photo of myself in each outfit required for the pageant by May 1, 2023, to the email address: All outfits must meet approval of the Board of Directors. The link to the Ms. Senior Alabama 2022 pageant will be provided to all delegates. It is highly recommended that each delegate watches the pageant from 2022 to view types of outfits will meet Board approval, and to understand the Ms. Senior Alabama pageant better.

​Ms. Senior Alabama 2023 & Ms. Super Senior 2023

The winner (ages 60 – 69) of Ms. Senior Alabama 2023 will compete at Ms. Senior World, Biloxi, MS in November 2023 (October 31, 2023 – November 4, 2023). A separate contract will be provided with more details regarding rules and guidelines of the winner and will be signed by the winner and Chairman of the Board of Directors after the pageant closes on Saturday, June 10, 2023. Ms. Senior World will require several days in Biloxi, MS. I may visit the Ms. Senior World website for more information. 

Ms. Senior World and other pageants: As a delegate or titleholder of Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc., I may not enter other pageants from the point of registration for 2023 through the date of the Ms. Senior Alabama pageant of the following year. 

​Ms. Super Senior Alabama 2023-2024

The winner (ages 70 and up) of Ms. Super Senior 2023 does not compete in a national pageant. A separate contract will be provided with more details regarding rules and guidelines of the winner of Ms. Super Senior Alabama and will be signed by the winner and the Chairman of the Board of Directors after the pageant closes on Saturday, June 10, 2023. If I win the Ms. Super Senior Alabama title I understand that if I choose to enter Ms. Senior World or any other national pageant during my reign with MSA, Inc., the expenses would my own, and I would relinquish my title with Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc. in entering the other pageant organization.

​Runners Up & Delegate Positions

If I am awarded 1st Runner Up to Ms. Senior Alabama, I understand that if Ms. Senior Alabama wins Ms. Senior World, I will be required to accept the title of Ms. Senior Alabama 2023 unless medically unable to do so. If I am awarded 2nd-4th Runners Up positions, I understand responsibilities are moved to the next delegate in line if the person in the position ahead of me is unable to fulfill their duties for any reason. I understand that I may not enter Ms. Senior World, or another pageant system while holding my position (whether runner up or delegate with a title of a certain area) with Ms. Senior Alabama unless choosing to relinquish my title with Ms. Senior Alabama to enter another pageant organization. All delegates are awarded titles upon registration and under contract to the Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc. organization to promote Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc., and serve in their communities until the date of the Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc. pageant of the following year.


I understand I am required to have the Group Me app, an email address, and the ability to check these communication venues, as well as the ability to log into virtual meetings and practice with videos which will be provided to me for opening and closing numbers.

​Sponsors and People's Choice

I understand that it is a suggested goal to have sponsors totaling the amount of $400 for ads/listings in the Ms. Senior Alabama 2023 Program Book, and $200 of the $400 is required for me to obtain in sponsorships. I understand the $200 may be paid by outside sponsors or by me. I also understand that People's Choice is a fundraiser to cover expenses of Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc. and to donate funds to a nonprofit organization benefiting other women, and or children, as chosen by the Ms. Senior Alabama Board of Directors each year. It is my responsibility to share the People's Choice voting opportunity with my friends and family and strive to reach the suggested goal of $100 of People's Choice votes (votes are $1.00 each.) I may vote for myself for People's Choice.

​Appearances, Events, and Interviews

As a delegate of Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc., it is required that I participate in at least 3 appearances, events, and/or interviews from the point of registration until registration of the next year. I understand that all appearances, events, and interviews must be communicated and approved by Kim Crawford Meeks, Chair of the Board of Directors. I also understand that I am required to invite my fellow delegates to these occasions via the Group Me messaging venue. As titleholder of Ms. Senior Alabama and Ms. Super Senior Alabama, I am required to participate in at least 6 appearances, events, and/or interviews from the point of being awarded the title until the pageant of the next year. All of my appearances, events, and/or interviews will also be communicated and need approval by Kim Crawford Meeks, Chair of the Board of Directors. As a titleholder, I am required to invite my fellow queens to at least 3 of the 6 events during my reign. I understand that appearances, events, and interviews are not my opportunity to promote my own religious or political beliefs. I may promote a nonprofit as approved by the Ms. Senior Alabama Board of Directors, community events, volunteerism, and encourage other women that they have a purpose and place in their communities.


I understand as a delegate of Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc., that bullying, slander, rudeness, and hateful behavior will not be tolerated. The Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc. Board of Directors reserves the right to dismiss any delegate or remove the title of any titleholder at any time for any of the above behaviors, or behavior similar to the said above, and without explanation. Any family member communicating with, harassing, accusing, or threatening a Ms. Senior Alabama Board Member or delegate, will be reported to the delegate immediately. The Ms. Senior Alabama Board of Directors is not under contract with any family member or friend of a delegate, nor will we communicate with anyone other than our delegates who are under contract or title of Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc.

​Media, Film, & Photography Release Form


Facebook Page & Instagram: Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc.

In the event there are any print or electronic media coverages associated with participation in any Ms. Senior Alabama function, I hereby grant permission for use of any photograph or video or likeness of myself without obtaining subsequent permission or consent or without payment or further consideration.


*I am signing as a delegate with my name and date below, because I have registered as a delegate of Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc., and have read and do understand the rules and guidelines of being a delegate and/or titleholder with this organization. (All contracts were signed online during the registration process.)

Thanks for submitting!

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